Abandoned Car Removal Service Sydney

Abandoned cars, also called Ghost Cars, are haunting Sydney. They are on the streets throughout Sydney, causing much headache for the local councils. These cars are also dampening the beauty of your city. If you want to be responsible when it comes to the removal of your old, unused cars, you could choose our abandoned car removal service in Sydney. Our free car removal service will help you dispose off your car in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Our abandoned car removal service is meant for those who are trying to find a solution to dispose of their old car that is too expensive to repair or re-register and has occupied valuable space. If your unused car is lying on your front lawn and has proved to be an eyesore, it’s time to call us.

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Our abandoned car removal service spares people from all hassles. It serves two purposes. On one hand it ensures that your abandoned car is removed from your garage, backyard or front lawn, while on the other hand it also gives you cash equivalent to the value of the scrap in your car. We buy old, damaged cars for either scrap metal, car parts or for car resale. If your car is worth something, you are entitled to receive our ‘cash for car’ offer. We will pay you cash right at the spot.

You could bring your car to our assessment centre or call us to arrange a day for us to collect your car. Our abandoned car removal towing service in Sydney is free and would take your unused car away without causing any fuss or inconvenience. Our car removal services are aimed at effective recycling of old, damaged cars. This helps you contribute in your own little way to environmental conservation. First, it allows you to dispose off your unwanted car in a responsible way. Second, it reduces the demand for metal produced from virgin ores. This helps in reducing the greenhouse emissions and also depletion of natural resources. No wonder, it also results in less power consumption.

Call Us: 0404 714 714

With so many advantages to its credit, it really should not come as a surprise why abandoned car removal service has become so popular in Sydney.

If you too want to take advantage of our abandoned car removal in Sydney, contact us now.

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