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Those wishing to purchase metal and car components in Asia & the Middle East should consider utilizing our services. We export several types of metals and many types of car components to multiple locations in Asia and the Middle East. We also have a large selection of car components including, but not limited to, wheels, fans, and mufflers.

Scrap Cars Sydney
Scrap Cars Sydney
Scrap Cars Sydney


Recycling and reusing metal parts and car components is good for both the environment and the economy. There are several reasons for this. If car components are allowed to sit in yards where they rust and leak chemicals into the ground, this can cause substantial environmental harm and ecosystem degradation. Further, chunks of plastic can break off and accumulate in the ecosystem in various ways. Recycling and reusing car components and metal is also good for the economy. When car components are allowed to go to waste, and when metal is allowed to go to waste, the value of these resources is lost to the economy. However, when services like ours utilize them and bring them back into the economic system, their residual value is brought back into the national economy by their sale.


Cars contain many chemicals, oils, lubricants, and the like. When they are allowed to sit and rust away, these chemicals enter the ground and eventually they make their way into the ecosystem. These harm plants, animals, and make their way into the water supply. When there is proper recycling and reuse of these car components, the overall amount of pollution produced might be reduced. It is better to put the car parts back to use and dispose of chemicals in a more responsible manner, than to allow them to rust, leak, and go to waste. Recycling various metals is also better for the environment. Although the iron produced by rust is a natural chemical, allowing large quantities of most chemicals to accumulate in one area can harm the local ecosystem. Further, recycling metal decreases the total amount of metal that needs to be produced. This is important because the production of metals has an intensive cost to the environment. Electricity must be produced to power the plants that produces metal, ores must be mined at the cost of much fossil fuel, and the mining process harms the environment itself. Recycling metals is clearly the more environmentally friendly option.


When car parts and metals are produced and sold, they add value to the economy. However, after their initial use is complete they often are allowed to go to waste. This represents a loss to the economy. If they are resold, they add more value back into the economy. It is better for the economy to resell metals and car components that would otherwise go to waste.

Scrap Cars Sydney
Scrap Cars Sydney
Scrap Cars Sydney

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